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Justin "Aim" Crawford is an international multi-published cover photographer.  His Loft Aimpoint Studio is located in downtown Atlanta, GA.
He first learned film photography in the 7th grade and learned about Digital cameras after buying a gift for a close friend starting a photography business.   Later, Justin became serious about the imagery as he tried to support a girlfriend in her modeling career.    Motivated by love, he quickly rose to popularity while finding his niche.   After a quick refocusing on the business aspects of photography in 2016, his work began to appear in several publications and covers.  He won Arsenic Magazines 20K photography competition twice, he was featured on the cover of Endee Magazine’s Bare Edition June 2017, and also on the cover of  Ellements Magazine with Celebrity Toya Wright in June 2017.  Other celebrities he photographed are Tommie (Love and Hip Hop ATL}, Angel Love (Basketball Wives}, R&B Artist Tank, Actress Danielle Nicolet and Rapper Twista to name a few.  He describes his style of shooting as Cineglamatorial, a mix of the sexy from glam, lighting and color of movie cinema and a hint of editorial.  This is the mix that exploded his social media and caught the eye of InBlack Magazine.

Justin is always has been focused on achieving “High” goals, which are evident in his hints of Aviation in his photographs. This is mainly due to his military aviation background.
Justin received his Bachelors from the United States Air Force Academy in 2002 and later served as a B-1B Bomber Pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan.   He also taught Air Force student pilots before going into the secret world of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance(ISR)Flying. He has deployed and flown combat missions over Afghanistan, and Iraq.  Currently, Justin under the alias “JBC” works as a civilian Mercenary Pilot for U.S. Special Operations Command, combating terrorist activity in Afghanistan and keeping our soldiers safe.
You can follow all his social media @aimpointphoto.

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